BPG has had major success in the provision of security Internationally. Along with establishing our Asia Head Office in Hong Kong, our CEO has spent a lot of time and energy cultivating relationships in many countries but in particular the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. From fraud investigation to Airport and Maritime security, BPG has become a trusted partner of President Duterte’s Philippine Government.

In PNG, BPG has also provided fraud investigation services, but more importantly, we have been involved with the Highland Tribes as they increasingly require help and Security for the lands they occupy becoming subject to Oil and Gas Exploration. This has led BPG into humanitarian support for the Clans and Villages of Western Highlands with the provision of medical and education services. BPG always seeks ways to become a real partner in the areas in which we choose to operate. Trust is a very important part of how we function.

We also have offices in NZ, UAE, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

BPG International